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"Jazz - Posters" - a book of CD quality

Kathrin Mathys-Lanz

That still exists: perfection in text, presentation and printing. Not surprising if one knows who is behind it: Niklaus Troxler, jazz festival organizer, musical expert, (poster)artist, and Markus Mäder, who presents Niklaus Troxler and his works in a masterly way. Just like the Willisau jazz festivals and Niklaus Troxler’s posters, the whole book is of CD quality.

Niklaus Troxler, born 1947, free-lance graphic artist and organizer of the Willisau jazz festivals, is one of Switzerland’s most successful commercial artists. His posters enjoy international recognition and, through his efforts, Willisau has become a Mecca for jazz connoisseurs. Niklaus Troxler uses ink, crayon, brush, colours and (only) silk-screen printing as brilliantly as his soloists use saxophone, piano, percussion, guitar and trumpet in Willisau. This book presents over a hundred jazz posters by Niklaus Toxler in colour and with comments. Page by page, poster by poster, there is an interaction between picture and text. None of the posters requires any explantation. The message is clear – no need for many words. Wit and irony are conveyed with greatest professional skill. Troxler’s posters leave a lasting impression on the onlooker, evoking or confirming thoughts, wishes, dreams.

A Troxler poster is a poster and not a TV-spot or an ad. An artist is an artist and Troxler is Troxler. Jazz in Willisau is the same as jazz in the cellars of New York – music that comes from within, from the soul, from the musician, the artist himself. Just like the works of Niklaus Toxler. Troxler live!

All this is described in the book and illustrated in colour on 240 pages. To meet the international interest in Troxler, in German, French and English. And, of course, with original silk-screen printed hardcover. Publisher: Oreos, Schaftlach.
A unique book for all who appreciate jazz, posters, graphic art and absolute professionality in these fields.

about book: 240 pages with 104 colour pictures.
format 14 x 21.5cm.

Collection Jazz Band 15, OREOS Verlag
ISBN 3-923657-32-3
price SFr. 50.-


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