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About us

Welcome to POSTER-GALLERY, the worldwide largest virtual gallery selling Swiss Original Posters.

POSTER-GALLERY was found in Zurich in February 1999 from Guido Tön and went online at the same time. The place of business is located on Mosstrasse 73, 8060 Zurich. Guido Tön is famous as an international Poster-Auctioneer and is a guarantee of a reliable and expert assessment of the collection. The person responsible for the technical part of the webside is Michel Köck, an external expert.

POSTER-GALLERY is only virtual active. That means, our business relation bases on international online-selling and online-buying (E-Commerce) of original posters. You can reach us by Internet or by mail on our place of business.

POSTER-GALLERY is online with over 8'000 original posters of different national and international artists. It is our endeavor to increase our collection permanently by buying more posters. We are looking forward to your offer.

POSTER-GALLERY offers top-posters for prices, which are not only attractive for international wholesaler but also for private persons. You can be sure, that the prices have been already realized at auctions.

POSTER-GALLERY would like to have an open communication with the customers and hopes to receive a lot of ideas and wishes by e-mail. Help us to optimize our services. We are looking forward to your contact.

POSTER-GALLERY handles your personal datas strictly confidential. No information will be passed on to third parties.

POSTER-GALLERY says thank you very much for your visit!

Guido Tön


- Moosstrasse 73 - CH-8038 Zürich - Tel: 0041 (0)44 481 55 08 / Fax: 0041 (0)44 482 79 33